2011Thank you for taking responsibility for getting your club involved in RYLA.

We consider you part of the RYLA team and refer to you as a RYLA Representative.

The following steps provide RYLA deadlines, procedures and guidelines.

Welcome aboard!


Where to find an awardee

Potential participants are easy to find. Start networking now with the organisations listed below or RYLArians or your own contacts in the community and business.

Employees at your work or members of your family are welcome to share the benefits of RYLA.

Look for volunteers, employees and students of the following organisations. These suggestions are just a few, there are many more.


  • Council
  • Rotaract Club
  • University TAFE or College
  • Sporting clubs (young coaches / team leaders)
  • Outreach Centres
  • Hospital (young nurses and other health care professionals)
  • Youth Groups (church and other)
  • Country Fire Authority (CFA)
  • Charity Groups or Businesses

Other suggestions:

  • Asthma Foundation
  • Department of Human Services
  • St John Ambulance
  • Youth for Animal Liberation
  • Scout Association of Australia
  • Youth Accommodation Programme Preston Inc
  • Reach Youth
  • Young Achievement Australia
  • Centre for Adolescent Health
  • Youth Affairs Council of Victoria
  • YMCA
  • Youth With a Mission
  • Scout Association of Australia
  • Youth Futures
  • Juvenile Diabetes Association
  • Youth Hostels Association of Victoria
  • Lifeline Office
  • WCA
  • Starlight Children’s Foundation
  • Berry Street, Inc.
  • Apex Clubs
  • Political party organizations
  • Local member of parliament


Steps and Action Now

  1. Book a RYLArian to speak at your club to gain support for the program. Invite potential RYLArians to the meeting with their employers. Contact us for assistance.
  2. Approach individuals and organisations; leave application forms and brochures and follow-up. Contact employers early to allow time to cover leave or time off. The investment may be by any combination of sponsoring club(s), the participant, an employer or Rotary alone depending on the situation.
  3. Interview applicants.
  4. Notify successful participants and reserves. Support as many young people as possible. Contact surrounding clubs to ensure all suitable participants attend. For assistance, contact the RYLA Team.
  5. Get your RYLArian to complete the online expression of interest by end of October – November:
  6. Invite your successful participant(s) to attend your club’s Rotary meeting before the RYLA Conference.
  7. E-mail messages will be sent to confirm receipt of the application being received.
  8. Approximately 2 weeks prior to the conference, email will be sent with details of what to bring and the RYLA Bus stop information (to RYLArian and Rotarian). You will also find the ‘what to bring’ list on the web site.
  9. Two weeks prior, confirm your RYLA participant has all gear (including wet weather) and is adequately informed of all details.
  10. Confirm with your RYLArian the transport plan to the RYLA designated bus stop on the Monday in November and the Sunday by a Rotarian returning the RYLArian safely home. The RYLA Team is not easy to contact during the RYLA Conference. Before RYLA ensure all arrangements are planned. Provide RYLA participant and RYLA Team with written details and contact numbers.
  11. Advise RYLA Team of the number of Rotary club members, spouses or guests that are attending the special Rotary meeting being held on Wednesday night. Cost to be advised.


Steps and Action – From the Monday to Sunday of the conference.

  1. On the Monday, transport your participant to the RYLA designated bus stop. See your confirmation letter for details.
  2. Attend the Rotary meeting on Wednesday. Bring club members, spouses and guests. Send and email to ryla@rotary9790.org.au .
  3. Join RYLArians and the RYLA team for the RYLA presentation ceremony and afternoon tea on the Sunday.
  4. Following the afternoon tea and presentation ceremony, return your RYLArian safely home.


Steps and Action – Following RYLA

  1. Book your RYLArian to speak at your Rotary club about their experiences at RYLA. They will be expecting you to follow up.
  2. Invite your RYLArian to participate in at least 2 of your community projects or point them towards your local Rotaract Club to keep them involved in the “Rotary Family” – cash in on your investment.
  3. Maybe you could eventually invite your RYLArian to become a member of your Rotary Club


Steps and Action – Beyond RYLA

  1. Keep in touch with your RYLArian as part of the family of Rotary. Include them in club activities where possible and consider them for other Rotary programs, maybe Rotaract!
  2. Begin looking for next year’s RYLA participant.