Attend the RYLA Conference

Information for awardees

Need that next little push to do better at work, in the community and life, or to get that next job or start that next project? RYLA gives participants the invaluable space to reflect on themselves. The program brings together a selection of experts in their fields to deliver topics and interactive sessions including:


Planning and organising

Empathy and resilience




Problem solving

Goal setting

Conflict resolution

Global leadership


Reflective learning

Formal qualifications and technical skills are only part of the requirements for modern employees. RYLA works to develop ‘soft skills’ and personal attributes that are shown to be just as important to success. The value of these soft skills are outlined in a recent report by Deloitte Access Economics and Deakin Co, see: Soft skills for business success.

Expression of Interest Process

If you wish to attend RYLA, follow the following steps:

  1. Complete the expression of interest form and make an $80 payment for attendance (this will be refunded if we cannot connect you to a club).
  2. If you haven’t provided details of your sponsoring Rotary Club, you will be linked to a local club who will arrange a time for you to meet with them to discuss your application.
  3. You complete a medical form and will be advised of the details for transport to the conference. Your sponsoring Rotary Club will take you to a bus stop.
  4. Attend RYLA.

Following RYLA you will be asked to present at your sponsoring Rotary Club about your experiences at the conference and be involved in at least two of their community projects.


RYLA is a fantastic professional and personal development opportunity for your young adults and is heavily subsidised by Rotary Clubs; funding from this program is from community donations and grants. You will be asked to make an $80 contribution for your attendance. This will be refunded to you if we cannot find a Rotary Club to sponsor your attendance.


I had the most amazing week on the RYLA conference. It has changed my life.

Shanelle, 2013

Attending RYLA taught me to trust others and, more importantly, myself. Not only did I gain leadership skills and confidence, but I also gained close friends and mentors.

Vanessa, 2008

Since RYLA I have had the confidence to completely change my life. I now have a direction and goals and cant wait to really live to my potential!

Grant, 2008

RYLA was very scary at first yet I knew I had to do it, to better myself. Since attending RYLA I have started to achieve some exciting goals. I’m a new man!!

Brad, 2013

I may have started at this conference as a leader, but I came out of it as a well-rounded person actually capable of reaching my full potential.

Shelly, 2015

I learnt to accept a lot of my personality and slowly began to become comfortable being myself. Honestly, if I hadn’t attended RYLA I don’t know where I’d be today.

Kat, 2009

The week I spent at RYLA helped me to regain my confidence and learn to love and trust myself again. I found some great friends and I found myself. RYLA has literally changed my life.

Jessica, 2015

I went into RYLA with the idea that I was going to further my skills for my community work. I came out of RYLA with so much more than that, I now have skills that I can use in my family life and also my work life.

Emma, 2013

For the last week I have had no mobile reception, no car, no computer, in country Vic having probably the best week of my life. I have spent heaps of time & money on educating myself in life, business & leadership, & NOTHING comes close to this experience.

Steven, 2013