Tell your friends about RYLA

It’s probably been a long time since we have connected but the RYLA 9790 team need you!

Yes you!

The program we all know and love is at risk and we need about 20 more people to attend this year!

We don’t yet have enough participants to run the program and we need your help!

We need you to share your RYLA experience and how it impacted your life with your friends and family aged between 18-30 to inspire the future leaders of our world to take up the same opportunity you did years ago.

There isn’t long, and we have made it as easy as possible for you by following the next 3 steps.

  1. Share your experience, it’s impact and find someone who would benefit from the conference (aka anyone!)
  2. Send them too to fill out an expression of interest in attending RYLA
  3. If your potential candidate still isn’t convinced then get in touch with us and we can do the convincing for you.

The whole RYLA 9790 team thanks you for your continued support of our brilliant program!