RYLA District 9790 is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. Our privacy policy adheres to the National Privacy Principles as required under the Privacy Act 1988.

In our expression of interest and other forms we collect personal and sensitive information, including but not limited to:

  • Your personal information including contact details and date of birth
  • What you are currently doing for work and if you are contributing to your community
  • If you have been in contact with a Rotary Club and their contact details if you have
  • Clothing sizes and sensitive medical information

The personal information that you submit to us is collected in order to provide assist with the RYLA application process and management of the conference which in turn facilitates the co-ordination of meetings, fellowship and fundraising activities and community service and vocational programs conducted by Rotary and Rotaract Clubs within the District. Some of this information will also be provided to Rotary Clubs to provide sponsorship for your place at the conference and to medical professionals where necessary.

We may:

  1. share the information with Rotary International and other Rotary Clubs and Districts in Australia and overseas;
  2. disclose the information to outside parties in the course of undertaking Rotary activities and Programs; and
  3. use the information with your consent or as otherwise required by law.

The information will be stored in a manner so that it will only be accessed by authorised personnel, and subject to privacy restrictions.

We will not disclose, sell or trade your personal information to any organisation other than as set out above.

You may access your information at any time.

If you do require access to your personal information, or have any concerns regarding its use please contact us.

If any of the information we hold is incorrect, inaccurate or out-of-date, please contact us immediately and we will amend the information so held.

You have the option of not providing certain information requested by this District. However, you should note that this may prevent the District from providing services to you and managing its various activities and Programs.

All credit card payments on this site are processed securely and no card details stored.


Generally, Rotary International District will not provide refunds of participant contributions unless extenuating circumstances exist. This decision will be made in line with Australian consumer law and at the discretion of the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards committee.

If a RYLA participant, who has been accepted to attend by your club, withdraws for any reason within a month of the conference start date, a fee of $500.00 will be charged to the sponsor club. Your club may select to have a secondary nomination to be ready in case of a cancelation. This fee covers the cost incurred for the accommodation, meals, venue and transportation to the site. All other costs contributed by a Rotary Club will be refunded. Any refund decision will be made in line with Australian consumer law and at the discretion of the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards committee.

A dispute of the committee’s decision regarding refunds or complaints after the conference has been completed may be made by writing to the district youth services chair.


A fee will be payable by RYLA participant, using a credit card, upon completing the expression of interest. This fee is payable immediately for processing of the expression of interest and their attendance at the conference (as per the dates on our homepage). This fee is non-refundable unless we are required to provide a refund under Australian consumer law.

Payment of Rotary Club fees will be outlined to the club via email and payable by cheque or direct deposit to the RYLA account.