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Frequently asked questions

Expand the items below for answers to frequently asked questions from Rotarians.

What commitments must RYLArians make to our club?

RYLArians commit to the following actions:

  1. Meet with the club prior to RYLA to meet the club or undertake an interview (no club presentation at this stage)
  2. Fully participate in the RYLA program
  3. Attend your club to present on their experience / learnings at RYLA
  4. Participate in at least two club projects following RYLA.
What is the cost of RYLA?

For all applications FULLY completed (EOI accepted and transport details entered) before 1 November, the price will be $1300.

For any application received on or after 1 November, the price will be $1400.

The RYLArian will also contribute $80 to attend. We would suggest that the Rotary Club consider refunding the $80 following their presentation and participation in club projects.

What is the expression of interest process? (before, during and after)
  1. Connect with businesses and young people to obtain an EOI for your club or on occasion the RYLA committee may contact you with a possible applicant. Resources to assist below.
  2. Conform your candidate’s attendance at the conference by emailing the RYLA committee.
  3. Arrange transport for your RYLArian and complete the online transport form
    If you complete the transport form prior to the EOI cut-off date you will receive a discounted attendance fee.
  4. Transport your RYLArian(s) to the conference
  5. Attend the Tuesday evening Rotary Dinner
  6. Transport your RYLArian(s) home
  7. Arrange for your RYLArian(s) to present at your club and participate in two Rotary projects
Where do we find a RYLArian?

Potential participants are easy to find. Start networking now with the organisations listed below or your own contacts in the community and business. Past RYLArians may also be able to assist in your search.

Local businesses are also a great place to start. We have a business letter that may assist in reaching out.

Employees at your work or members of your family are also welcomed to share the benefits of RYLA. Look for volunteers, employees and students of the following organisations. These suggestions are just a few, there are many more.


  • Businesses
  • Council
  • Rotaract Club or young Rotarians
  • University or TAFE
  • Sporting clubs (especially young coaches / team leaders)
  • Outreach Centres
  • Hospital (young nurses and other health care professionals)
  • Youth Groups (church and other)
  • Country Fire Authority (CFA) and State Emergency Service (SES)
  • Charity Groups or Businesses

Other suggestions:

  • Employees at your workplace
  • St John Ambulance
  • Scout Association of Australia
  • Reach Foundation
  • YMCA
  • Juvenile Diabetes Association
  • Berry Street, Inc.
  • Apex Clubs
  • Political party organisations
  • Local member of parliament

RYLA is a life changing experience for community leaders.

Emma Davis @ Strathmore Rotary

RYLA Marketing Resources

Taste of RYLA

We know you’ve always wanted to attend the RYLA Conference!!! So here is an opportunity to experience RYLA! Many of you have witnessed first hand the excitement and joy that Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) has distilled on past RYLArians (past participants).

They always struggle to articulate what it was from the week long, self-discovery journey that managed to change their life and have such a profound impact on their lives in such a short time!


Would you like to discover some of the RYLA secrets and get a taste of the course that has changed so many young lives for the better? We are offering all Rotarians and partners/friends the opportunity to be part of a mini RYLA and take away the same excitement and joy, in the hope that your experience will assist you in finding RYLA candidates. We run Taste of RYLA annually, normally in August.

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